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Social Support for Asylum Seekers, Administrative and Secretarial Services at KRAC

Duration: 06/02/2019 - 31/12/2019


In 2019, CODECA provided its scientific services and expertise at the Reception and Accommodation Centre for asylum seekers in Kofinou. The main activities of the organisation was to provide social support to the residents of the centre and to offer administrative and secretarial services.

For the social support purposes, two social workers were employed to work closely with the residents, providing them with social support and advise in collaboration with other public services, organisations and NGO’s working in the field of migration. Also, the social workers were in charge of referring cases that needed further scientific support to other fields of expertise, promoting and maintaining the social cohesion and care of the residents.

Additionally, administrative officers were placed at the centre to offer administrative support. The administrative support was mainly oriented in constant communication and update with the Asylum Service, the people employed at the centre and also other organisations implementing any kind of activities and actions aiming to ameliorate the well being of the residents. Admin officers were also in charge of referring to the responsible authority any changes or requirements that needed to be taken into consideration, and inform the rest of the members on new regulations and requests. Likewise, they had to preserve the high standards and the effective cooperation of all members working in the centre promoting the sustain living and social cohesion of all residents.

Supervision Services: Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus


Duration: 01/06/2018 - 30/10/2019

About the Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus:

The primary objective of the Committe on Missing Persons in Cyprus (CMP) is to return the remains of missing persons to their families in order to arrange for a proper burial and close a long period of anguish and uncertainty.


CMP provides to missing persons' families psycho-social support. In 2018 CODECA provided supervision services to the team of psychosocial support. The supervision process had two main purposes; educational and supportive in order to build skills and knowledge as well as to support their daily interaction with missing persons’ families.

The supervision sessions were conducted both in groups and individually. The sessions were taking place on a weekly basis at the premises of the organisation and ran in full confidentiality and with respect to the sensitivity of the subject.

Snapshots from the Boarders (EuropeAID)

Duration: 25/05/2018 - 30/06/2019

Snapshots from the boarders

Snapshots From The Borders is a 3-year project co-funded by the European Union (EuropeAid DEAR budget line), run by 35 partners, border Local Authorities and Civil Society organisations.

Snapshots From The Borders aims to improve the critical understanding of European, national and local decision makers and of public opinion about global interdependencies determining migration flows towards European borders, in the perspective of reaching SDGs targets, especially SDG 1, 5, 10 11 and 16. Specifically, the project intends to strengthen a new horizontal, active network among cities directly facing migration flows at EU borders, as a way to promote more effective policy coherence at all levels (European, national, local).

From Cyprus, Agios Athanasios Municipality (Limassol) participated in the project. CODECA was commissioned by the municipality for a specific time period to offer its services for the purposes of the Snapshots From The Borders project. Specifically, the organisation was responsible to create a report and train professionals with the aim to raise awareness on Asylum and Immigration issues.


Biopolitics International Organisation: Bio-tourism e-courses

Duration: 01/10/2018 - 31/01/2019

Aerial View of Curved Road

The Biopolitics International Organisation (B.I.O.) was founded by the urgent need to raise awareness of environmental problems, and to accelerate the implementation of new and more effective approaches to safeguarding the earth for the generations to come. The organisation focuses on the development of international policy – biopolicy – to guarantee global environmental harmony and just economic growth, and promote the fundamental human right to live in a clean environment. One of B.I.O's projects is the the promotion and development of bio-tourism


According to B.I.O., bio-tourism encourages environmental and cultural appreciation in tourism, as well as an international exchange of experiences on the basis of environmental preservation.  In bio-tourism, travelers come into intimate contact with the environment and culture of the area being visited in a manner that is not destructive, but constructive. Cultural diversity, tradition, history and local tradition are the cornerstones of bio-tourism. As environmental solutions are long-term goals, travelers are also encouraged to fully claim their role in preserving the natural and cultural assets of their destinations for the future welfare and shared prosperity of the region and the world.

CODECA has cooperated with B.I.O. on creating a distance e-course on bio-tourism. Specifically, our organisation participated in the project Bio-tourism - Nature, Economy and Innovation by assisting in the creation of the e-course and supervising its implementation. The e-course concerned environmentally friendly tourism, and specifically suggestions for cultural tourism and environmental hotel management.

Topics included: The development of tourism; the concept of biotourism; Environmental capacity building and job opportunities in biotourism; Environmental education and biotourism; Environmental biotourism; Biodiversity and biotourism; Geotourism; Agrotourism and rural development. 

Management Services: First Reception Centre (FRC) 

Duration: 02/11/2018 - 31/12/2018


At the end of 2018, CODECA provided management services to the First Reception Centre in Kokkinotrimithia. That was the 1st period - which lasted 2 months - that the organisation provided its expertise to the general operation of the FRC.

The main responsibilities of the organisation included:

  • Management of the Centre by solving the problems that arise to ensure its smooth running. Organisation and coordination ofthe overall operation of the FRC.

  • Cleaning of the FRC’s premises and compliance with the Health and Safety rules.

  • Warehouse management, inspection of infrastructure and equipment and small maintenance work, hydraulic, sewerage and electrical installations

  • Security services.

Mapping of Social Enterprises and their Ecosystems in Europe

Country Report: Cyprus

Social Enrprises

Duration: 01/09/2018 - 30/12/2018


'Mapping of Social Enterprises and their Ecosystems in Europe' is a project launched by the European Commission with the aim to cover a gap on social enterprises in EU countries.

Specifically, the characteristics of social enterprises differ a lot from country to country concerning their number, size, legal forms and fields of activities. To create a clearer picture, the Commission has carried out a series of studies, mapping the reality of social enterprises in the 35 European countries using a common definition and approach.

Each country conducted a report and then an EU level synthesis report was created. The synthesis report collates and interprets the key findings from country reports and draws a European picture of social enterprises and the environments in which they operate, the “ecosystems”. The report brings together a comprehensive picture of different country traditions, salient trends and key challenges across Europe.

CODECA participated in the project as an external partner of the Synthesis Center; the research center responsible to carry out the study and report for the project in Cyprus. Particularly, CODECA conducted a report on the state of Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship in Cyprus, on behalf of Synthesis Center.

Education and Supporting Services: Transportation Organisation of Nicosia District


Duration: 01/03/2017 - 30/12/2018


The Transportation Organisation of Nicosia District (OSEL), is a modern service which targets to give a quality public passenger transport to the Cypriot citizen, by improving the public transportation system Nicosia.

In 2017 until the end of 2018, CODECA offered its expertise and services to OSEL's personnel. Specifically, the organisation provided personnel training on passenger behaviour and management and provision of individual and group meetings for staff discharging from crisis situations. 

RACCOMBAT: Preventing and Combating  Racism and Xenophobia through Social Orientation of Non-Nationals


Duration: 10/11/2017 - 25/01/2018

All Hands In

RACCOMBAT (Racism Combat) is an EU funded project that meets the necessity to seek tools and mechanisms to prevent and combat racism and xenophobia against non-nationals throughout their whole integration in society. An important part of that process is social orientation which ensures that participants will adjust well in host societies to their own and society’s benefit. Integration and orientation should take place in full observance of fundamental rights and legal obligations of all parties. Thus, participants should be given knowledge about these and the acts of hatred they may encounter, learn to recognise such acts and be aware of all legal tools offered by the host country.

CODECA conducted the report 'Mapping of social orientation: the case of Cyprus'. The report was commissioned by the Centre for European and Constitutional Law, to provide citizenship courses to migrants / third-country nationals residing in Cyprus and it aimed to examine migrants' integration in Cyprus.

National Strategy for the Development of Social Enterprises in Cyprus

National Strategy

Duration: 02/01/2017 - 30/10/2017

Light Bulb

Participation in the research group developing a strategic plan for the development of ecosystem of social enterprises in Cyprus.

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