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ANEMOPLOIA is a Pancyprian program which runs under the umbrella of the Cyprus National Addictions Authority. The program intents to cover the needs of children in the areas of education, psychological support, social support and/or health-oriented alternative activities. The children included in the program are 9 to 13 years old and belong in families that are unable to cover these needs while they do not receive help by another program or government fund. The aim is to cover the individual needs of each child; educational needs, psycho-social needs, participation in alternative activities and so on.

Priority was given on promoting a healthy lifestyle among children and young population belonging in vulnerable groups. Through the program, a preventive environment is created to help the children achieve a healthier and more efficient interaction within the environment they live in. Moreover, by covering their basic needs and extra-curricular activities, the children are given the chance to participate in necessary and entertaining activities, which contributes in building a healthy mind and personality. Therefore, indirectly their families are financially relieved because they are unable to offer them these opportunities since they are also struggling to cover the family’s necessities.

Implementing the program

To ensure the effective implementation of the program, Codeca’s scientific and administrative staff  monitor closely the process. Specifically, CODECA ensures the effective provision of services, observe all the actions, ensure that the program’s schedule isfollowed and apply an efficient communication system between the organisation, the Cyprus National Addictions Authority and the children’s families. Moreover, the parents are thoroughly informed about their child’s progress and their performance during the activities they are attending. Parents have also the opportunity to participate in group counselling in order to receive support and empowerment several familial issues.

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