Psychosocial Support Services & Training

The term ‘psychosocial’ refers to the dynamic relationship between the psychological dimension of a person and the social dimension of a person. The psychological dimension includes the internal, emotional and thought processes, feelings and reactions, and the social dimension includes relationships, family and community network, social values and cultural practices. ‘Psychosocial support’ refers to the actions that address both psychological and social needs of individuals, families and communities. (Psychosocial interventions. A Handbook, page 25.)

The Psychosocial Support Service (PSS) has a whole of person approach with a focus on mental and physical health. Psychosocial support can assist people to participate in their community, manage daily tasks, secure stable employment or housing and connect with family and friends.

The Psychosocial Support Service (PSS) provides flexible one-on-one or group support to improve someone’s mental and physical health, when and where they need it.

CODECA’s Psychosocial support Services include:

  • Developing social skills and friendships.
  • Building relationships with family
  • Finding and looking after a home
  • Building skills and qualifications
  • Developing work goals
  • Staying physically well, including exercise
  • Support with drug, alcohol and smoking use
  • Building life skills including confidence and resilience

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