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CODECA is a non-profitable organisation established and operating in Cyprus since 2016. The aim of the organisation is to foster and promote social cohesion, development and care.

Among the organisation’s main operational objectives are:

  • Maintaining social cohesion by implementing actions that will help reduce social inequalities and develop conditions for equal opportunities.

  • Provision of Social Care services at individual level, family, group and community

  • Provision of accompanying support services, social and psychological support, legal counselling, as well as other actions related to the prevention from and psycho-social support

  • Providing services for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, education and orientation of children and families, as well as other socially excluded groups.

  • Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of Programs to Combat Economic and Social Exclusion of Vulnerable Social Groups.

  • Creation of standards and guides of good practice based on the results of the Asylum and Immigration research that will lead to the practical Implementation by Cypriot society.

  • Training executives on modern scientific approaches of social welfare, social policy and social entrepreneurship.

  • Promoting respect for human rights, religious freedoms and gender equality.


CODECA aspires to establish itself as one of the leading organisations in the provision of services and research in the Euro-Mediterranean region in the areas of Social Welfare, Social Entrepreneurship and Education, by utilising new innovative technological means to find solutions to address the various modern and complex challenges. Our trained and experienced team is able to offer high quality services for the benefit of the wider society, through cooperation with various local and international organisations, public and private institutions. 

Special attention and focus placed on:

  • Provision of quality social care services to vulnerable groups;

  • Provision of services to asylum seekers and migrants;

  • Promotion of social economy, social entrepreneurship and sustainable development;

  • Promotion of formal and non-formal youth and adult education;

  • Promotion of Community planning and sustainable development;

  • Wellbeing for NEETs and other vulnerable groups;

  • Supervision of social care professionals.



CODECA's mission is to provide high quality services tailored to the needs of our clientele to ensure maximum satisfaction. Through a cooperative and efficient model of operation, it aims to mobilise, inspire and promote lifelong learning, research and innovation.


CODECA's values lead its course of action:





Commitment and Protection:

We are dedicated to the provision of the highest quality service and to ensure the highest standards of our clientele’s needs.

We promote new ways of working by utilising advanced technological tools to deliver efficient services.

We are committed to work with everyone who helps us achieve our vision.

We believe in equality and social justice.

The focus of our activities is to ensure that we meet the needs and protect the interests of our customers.

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