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Accommodation Services


Reflecting on the concurrent crisis conditions on housing, CODECA has designed an innovative intervention  which offers housing solutions for immigrants, asylum seekers, vulnerable and excluded social groups. Small shelters that are fully equipped to accommodate vulnerable groups and/or families along with additional emotional and empowerment support to start again their lives independently.

Since November 2019, CODECA has developed a number of shelters within the Municipality of Nicosia area, where 30 people - single and/or families - can be accommodated for a short and/or long period of time. Currently, CODECA operates 4 shelters in fully furnished flats, where privacy is considered as important aspect:

  1. The first shelter is a large flat on the second floor of a building, with a lift exclusively used by the accommodated vulnerable groups. This specific shelter can offer accommodation to max 12 individuals, and the space is sufficiently distributed with a single bed and a wardrobe for storage / clothing. Also, double bunk beds have been placed in each room. In addition, the specific area is developed in a way that ensures access to people of different ages, but also to people with mobility and other difficulties. The flat is equipped with appropriate household appliances and furniture, so as to create the feeling of "warm embracement" for the benefit of the residents.

  2. The second and third shelters are two smaller renovated flats able to accommodate 4 persons each (8 in total); two single beds are placed in each room. The flats are on the first floor, ensuring privacy and noise avoidance. Both of them are fully equipped and usually accommodate couples with babies or single gender residents.

  3. The most recent addition is a house with two floors and a large perimetrical garden with orange and olive trees, where 10 persons can be accommodated. The house is fully furnished in the same way as the previous one, with electrical appliances, beds, wardrobes and a common room. Here are usually accommodated couples with babies as it can provide secure environment for kids to play.

On each property there is a common area which can be used for entertainment purposes and/or for the residents to relax, read and socialise. Also, the shelters are equipped with a large kitchen including a dining area, appliances like refrigerator, stove, washing machine, dryer and a SMART TV.

Moreover, each shelter has separate bathrooms and WCs for men and women in order to ensure their privacy and prevent any gender-related issues.

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