Independent Assessment Reviews

Assessment reviews from independent social care workers are presented in the court with the aim to Investigate the court case in the best way possible. These independent assessment reviews can offer a comprehensive representation on a case by enlightening the court with professional-specific details. Particularly, the social care workers use specific theoretical frameworks, tactics, and assessment tools to understand the situation of a client. In that way, they are able to suggest specific solutions, which can resolve or reduce an individual’s or a family’s difficult situation.

Social Care Workers as individual experts are allowed to participate in the following cases:

  • Parental Care
  • Neglect, child abuse
  • Denunciation of parental right (inability)
  • Custody cases (children and adults)
  • Break contact between a child and a parent / grandfather and grandmother
  • Juvenile delinquency (Publish a decree for community work without payment)
  • Criminal cases
  • Prisoner release
  • Family violence


Social care workers assess specific fields to produce socio-economic reviews:

  • Case assessment (family/person)
  • Assessment (mother/father)
  • Personal Function – psychological/mental state/perception assessment
  • Historical background on the use of illegal addictive substances
  • Historical background on childhood and teen years
  • Education background
  • Employment background
  • Unlawful behavior background (domestic violence etc.)
  • Housing
  • Health background
  • Financial situation
  • Community inclusion and participation
  • Parental ability: children care, physical and emotional safety, guidance, and delimitation
  • Historical background with social services and other government services

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