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Dr. DESPINA COCHLIOU is a lecturer of Social Work in the corresponding Programme at the University of Nicosia since October 2006. Her research interests lie in the administration and organisation of social services and more concretely in the participation of social workers in the decision-making. She is also interested in the use of Management Information Systems in social services and their repercussions in the practice of Social Work but also for service users. Moreover, she is interested in qualitative research in the field of Social Work. As an educator she has worked systematically in career guidance and skills development of higher education students in order to engage students and graduates in their own personal and professional development. She is also working towards engaging students in the decision-making process so that they can choose a career path that is well suited to their interests, values, abilities, and personality style. She has being actively involved on a co-funded project (at a national level) for Combating occupational gender segregation. Yet, she has participated in several research programmes funded by national and EU funds. She has also published in journal papers and book chapters in the above subjects. As part of her current role, she continues to work with agencies to provide assistance in delivering new and innovative pilot projects, training in areas as supervision, counselling, social inclusion and management, and to carry out research and evaluation projects.

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