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Inauguration of the Centre for Autism "AKTIδA"

On the 26th of September 2022, the Minister of Labour and Social Insurance, Mr Kyriakos I. Kousios, inaugurated the Family Intervention and Support Centre for Autism ‘ΑΚΤΙδΑ’, at the premises of the Christos Stelios Ioannou Foundation in Nicosia.

The ultimate goal of the Family Intervention and Support Centre for Autism "ΑΚΤΙδΑ", is to become a model centre of both expertise and provision in its field, to provide all opportunities for the personal development of children and to ensure their family cohesion and peace of mind.

About "AKTIδA"

Civic education is an important yet sometimes overlooked vehicle for integrating migrants into the labour market, especially unaccompanied minors who are transitioning into adulthood. To promote their entry into their new country's work force in a manner which is mutually beneficial to them and their host communities, the Civilhood project will train professionals engaged in their support in the 5 participating Member States (Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Slovenia and Austria) to provide them with the civic skills necessary. The project is designed to promote the treatment of unaccompanied minors as rights-holders, in accordance with their best interests as children, it is planned to run for 24 months and is an AMIF co funded project.

Learn more about "ΑΚΤΙδΑ" in the centre’s website.

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