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CODECA to participate in the ‘Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs’ programme

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

CODECA – Center for Social Cohesion, Development and Care will participate as a Host Entrepreneur in the ‘Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs’ programme. The primary aim of CODECA is to host 3 Young Scientists and Entrepreneurs from different EU Member States: 2 from Italy and 1 from Spain. In the meantime, the organisation is in contact with the new entrepreneurs and looks forward to host them.

Check out below an overview of the programme and on CODECA’s participation.

What is the ‘Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs’ programme?

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, is a European exchange programme, initiated by the European Union to assist in the growth of new and aspiring entrepreneurs. Specifically, young people are given the opportunity to work in a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), to develop and strengthen their skills and receive guidance on how to start and/or run successfully their own small business. The programme works in an exchange basis, with the new entrepreneurs attending a company located in one of the other Participating Countries (EU27 & other countries part of the COSME programme). The exchange period is between 1 to 6 months, during which the Young Entrepreneurs will be able to receive training and gain practical knowledge, by working closely with an experienced (host) entrepreneur. Simultaneously, the host entrepreneur will be able to work with a motivated new entrepreneur with fresh ideas.

*The programme is financed by the European Commission: new entrepreneurs receive financial assistance from the European Union.

Who can participate?

New entrepreneurs, firmly planning to set up their own business or have already started one within the last three years.

Experienced entrepreneurs who own or manage a Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise in one of the Participating Countries.

A win-win collaboration!

CODECA as a Host Entrepreneur of Young Entrepreneurs!

CODECA as an SME in the industry of Social Care, run by people with many years of experience in the field of Social Welfare, decided to participate in the programme as a Host Entrepreneur, with assistance by its local contact point: SYNTHESIS Center. The organisation will host Young Entrepreneurs who are involved in the field of Social Welfare, which will have the opportunity to actively involved in the organisation’s front-line and other projects and undertake several tasks under the supervision of an experienced entrepreneur. The organisation believes that, this is a great opportunity to transfer the years of experience and knowledge to aspired new entrepreneurs and is glad to be part of this European mobility scheme.

In mid-April, CODECA expects to receive its first Young Entrepreneur, a Social Sciences graduate from Spain.

Stay tuned for our Young Entrepreneurs’ stories……

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