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CODECA participates in the SE4A program

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

CODECA participates in the SE4A, Social Entrepreneurship 4 Arts, program which is addressed to young artists across EU.

About SE4A:

The SE4A (Social Entrepreneurship 4 Arts) is an ERASMUS+ program which promotes the notion that artists can be transformed to Creative entrepreneurs through the utilization of digital technology and tools. Young artists across EU will be empowered and enabled to undertake innovative initiatives to promote their work. SE4A will serve as a pilot program to promote non-formal and informal learning, mobility and active participation among young people, as well as cooperation, quality, inclusion, creativity and innovation at the level of organisations in the field of youth.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Provide artists and creatives with effective and concrete tools to develop an enterprising approach, review, solve problems, plan and scope their creative project;

  • support and guide artists and creatives to make their projects more sustainable by learning how to plan, assess, identify the state-of-art and manage their “entrepreneurial” project;

  • update their professional competences and acquire management, business and networking skills;

  • create and pilot tools and practical models to foster collaborations between the world of creativity and the world of business through the mutual exchange of professional skills and visions of artists and social entrepreneurs.

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