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CODECA and the Municipality of Engomi implementing the EU project, “EMBRACIN”

“EMBRACIN” is an EU project co-funded by the Migration and Security Fund - Directorate General for Migration and Home Affairs and by national resources. The project’s target group are Newcomer applicants of International protection. CODECA, in cooperation with the Municipality of Engomi, offers its expertise to implement the project effectively, by meeting the project’s aims and goals.


The Embracin project was born from a small and significant experience of Professor Calò in Italy, who, from the personal experience as a host of 6 migrants, developed a scheme called "6+6x6" that in 2018 allowed him to win the European citizen award. The professor's idea is that 6 migrants/Beneficiaries of International Protection per 5,000 inhabitants can be welcomed with a personalized approach and individualized support, to facilitate a complete process towards social and economic integration within 24 months.

Aims of the project

  • build a sense of family connection bonds between the participants;

  • create a support team of professionals for the emancipation path of the; participating migrants that considers all actors engaged in this initiative (mentor family members, migrants’ local stakeholders etc.);

  • evaluation of its economic, social and cultural impact.

Visit the project’s website to learn more:

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