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CODECA actively participates in the EUCAP initiative

CODECA actively participates in the EUCAP initiative to alleviate and support Ukrainian Refugee Crisis by providing psychosocial services to families with autistic members.


EUCAP, the European Council of Autistic People, is an umbrella organisation for European organisations related to autism. Founded in 2019, the organisation aims to promote the welfare of autistic people in Europe through participation in public discourse, by networking and engaging with decision-making bodies, and by supporting co-operation between autistic-led groups across borders[1].


The EUCAP initiative: Supporting autistic people in crisis situations

EUCAP and Autism Europe have identified a gap in the support of autistic people and their families among Ukrainian people and refugees. Specifically, the humanitarian aid dedicated to supporting people in Ukraine are offering inadequate or no support at all, to autistic people and their families. Following this situation, EUCAP took an initiative to fill this gap by raising awareness on this matter and offering support to autistic people and their families, in cooperation with other organisations in Europe.

Learn more about the initiative by visiting the EUCAP website,

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