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“AKTIδA”: Family Intervention and Support Centre for Autism

CODECA in collaboration with the European University of Cyprus and the organization “Social Element-Center for Social & Human Development” were assigned by the Department of Social Integration of Persons with Disabilities within the framework of the project "Creation of a Family Intervention and Support Centre for Autism", to create a Family Intervention and Support Centre for Autism in order to provide specialized services to children up to the age of compulsory education (4 years and 8 months), who have been diagnosed with autism, as well as to their families.

About "ΑΚΤΙδΑ"

The project was included in the Operational Programme "EMPLOYMENT, HUMAN RESOURCES AND SOCIAL Cohesion" 2014-2020 under the specific objective "Promoting equal opportunities, improving employment prospects and social inclusion of people at high risk of social exclusion, including persons with disabilities as a result of the certification of the degree of disability and assessment of their employability" under the Priority Axis "Fight against Poverty and Social Exclusion" and co-financed by the European Social Fund and national resources.

The main services offered by the center are:

  • Psychological, psychosocial and psychoeducational support services

  • Counselling Services

  • Home Education and Support Service for the family and the child in the context of early childhood intervention specifically focused on children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Social Support Services

Visit ΑΚΤΙδΑ’s website to learn more:


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